What We Believe

  • WE BELIEVE the only true God is the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three persons, yet one God. We believe that God has created us and all that exists; He has given us and still preserves all that we are and have.
  • WE BELIEVE that all people are sinners: that they are born in sin, have kept none of God's holy Laws perfectly -- failing to do what we should and doing what we should not, and because of our sinfulness we deserve eternal punishment.
  • WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ, God's own Son, true God and true man, by His perfect life and innocent death made atonement for my sins, and by His resurrection from the dead gave proof that His sacrifice was complete and that we, too, will be raised from the dead and by His grace inherit eternal life.
  • WE BELIEVE that God the Holy Spirit calls people by the Gospel, brings them to faith in Jesus, that they might be God's children and heirs of heaven, and has given them "gifts" for Christian service, for building up the Body of Christ.
  • WE BELIEVE that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the written, inspired Word of God and the only standard and guide of faith and life, that it is true in all parts, and that it both shows me my sinfulness (Law) and how my sins are forgiven through Jesus (Gospel).
  • WE BELIEVE that Holy Baptism is a "means of grace" whereby God makes me His child, adopts me into His family, forgives me my sins, and incorporates me into His Body, the Church. We believe that infants are also born in sin and under God's wrath and, therefore, need to be saved through this "washing of regeneration."
  • WE BELIEVE that the Lord's Supper is a "means of grace" whereby God confirms and strengthens me in my faith by offering me Christ's true Body and Blood "in, with, and under" the elements of bread and wine for the forgiveness of my sins. Although we cannot understand this "mystery," we trust the Lord's words: "This IS my body, This IS my blood."
  • WE BELIEVE that, motivated by God’s grace, Christians regularly want to hear God's Word preached and desire to grow in grace and knowledge through the study of God's Word with other Christians and at home.
  • WE BELIEVE that God has richly and daily blessed His people with material and spiritual goods. He has entrusted to them the stewardship/management of all that they are and have. As a result, believers gladly choose to give God of their time, talents, and treasure regularly, freely, and in proportion to the way God has blessed them.